Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Project 5: Video Cover

*The video I used for the sound is called KISS KISS KISS by Tadanori Yokoo in 1964. The original video doesn't contain any film. Every frame is presented by a drawing of kissing. There is really not movement in it, so I tried to make some stop-motion clips to create some similarity with the original video. In the beginning of KISS KISS KISS, the couple's lips are covered by a black rectangle. That makes me feel like kissing should be hided and not be shown to the public. I put this feeling on the issue of gender identity and gender orientation in present world by using my red and blue magnets as different gender identities.

The video link: KISS KISS KISS (1964)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Questions from Reading #3

1. In the reading it mentioned because the documentaries filmed by Levine and Gillette contained no artistic message at all, they were not artistic. Do you agree that? How do you define "artistic"? Must a work be artistic in order to be considered as art?

2. Video (and television) really create and develop a new field for art, what else do you think they bring to art?