Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Project 2: Performance Score

        I performed this score which was made by my classmate Mason Furr. I played the score from the left first, went through the right-upper part, then moved down and kept going to the edge of right side. Every straight line I performed it by the ruler. The hollow circles were presented by the tick tok sound and the tiny dots were the pile bottle.

        And this is my music score for my another classmate Marina Thomassian. Her instrument was a flute, which reminded me wind. So I drew the background lines by lines to make it looks like the flow of wind. I drew leaves in various colors and sizes to present the pitch or volume of the flute. Because I wanted to let the performer decide how to play my score, there is not really a clear way to tell where to start or how to perform the leaves.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reading Assignment 1: Dada Manifestos

The two Dada manifestos that would be compared were written by Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara. In Ball’s manifestos, the Dada spirit was emphasized in language. Ball used a unique, or to be more clear, a very individual writing style. He tried to take his manifestos as an example of how Dada worked in our society. On the other hand, Tzara had defined Dada further and has more related it into art.
According to Tzara’s manifestos, Dada is nothing. Dada rejects the meaning of every thing and expresses the concept of pointless. When speaking about “Art”, Dada is also known as an anti-art movement, denying the general idea which applied in most art works – aesthetic. It was been mentioned by Tzara in his manifestos, “a work of art should not be beauty in itself, for beauty is dead”. As the first paragraph has introduced, the difference of the two Dada manifestos is Ball involved Dada in literature. However, talking in the similar way about how Tzara opposed aesthetic, Ball brought out a question that how word itself has replaced by its meaning and why can’t we create our own words. In conclusion, two manifestos explained about Dada by discussing aesthetic should not represent artwork itself, and the definition should not replace word as well.
In my opinion of the two manifestos, I agree the aesthetic should not always connect to artwork, or even become the work itself. As the sense of beauty varies from person to person, a piece of artwork can receive any kind of critique such as if it is “beautiful” or it is considered as art. However, I disagree what Ball said about word and its meaning. Words were created to express any specific meaning. They are the agent of meanings. That is, words are not replaced by meanings because without meaning itself, word just exists as a meaningless symbol.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Project 1: Artist Instrument

        I used my sheet music stand as the backbone of my instrument. It could create three different sounds. The pile bottle made a maraca-like sound by snapping the rubber bands. I tied two rubber bands on it; the thicker could made louder sound and the thiner one had lighter sound. I put a bookmark made by iron wire into the can so it had the tik tok sound when it swung back and forth. I thought the ruler with shower curtain hooks made the coolest sound from my instrument, especially when it was connected with mic, which made the sound more like a bunch of dishes were been breaking.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Project 1: Appropriation

        The project is a collage. It was done by the pictures of a book which I got it for free from a donation box and the painting purchased from a thrift store. The message of my work is just showing how generations change human lifestyle and the society. At the left and right side of the bottom I used two different building images to contrast the way people lived in the past and present. Also, the old people at the back and the two children in the front brought out the meaning of generation. The original painting was an ocean painting. To me, ocean is the primary place that creates most of the lives on Earth. Therefore, I think it's a good representation to show the concepts of life, changing (evolution), and generation.

        These are the photos that I put my work back to another thrift store. I had stayed in the store for a while just to see what might happen to my collage. Sadly, I saw a guy bought some paintings but not mine. It still stayed on the shelf when I left the store.

        If you are interested in what the tiny letters I put on mean, you can keep reading it. Just for fun, I made two ciphers to someone who would buy my collage. The numbers on the fan are just a simple substitution cipher, replacing letters by numbers based on alphabetical order. It is used as a key to solve the second one, which is a Vigenere cipher. Those crazy letters are the cipher text.
So...this is the message I really said to the buyer: [please highlight to see]
3-15-12-12-1-7-5 = COLLAGE