Monday, August 31, 2015

Two Ideas For Individual and Group Projects

I try to involved the concepts of art and technology for the two ideas. There is no restriction on which one idea should be individual or which should group projects. In other words, my two ideas can be either individual or group projects. The presentation format I think of for these two projects is sculpture, but no limitation on the materials.
The concept of the first ideas is about how people think about technology through time. Examples are like people in the 18th century had often thought the future filled with hope because of the great progress of technology during that time. However, when the time moved to stress events such as WWII and cold war, technology started to be connected with negative thoughts. How technology is defined is based on the condition people live with. As technology has became a significant part in our daily lives, I'm curious about people's opinion on technology in modern world.
The second idea I want to work with is what scale people use to determine the value of an art work. I think of making several sculpture, each is made based on different factor that people use to evaluate art and serves as comparisons to each other. The factors are like the identity of the author, whether the work follows the public taste or not, or if the content is filled with technical skills.